Nobel Prize Games

by Eva Amsen

The Nobel Prize website has a section with games and simulations about topics that have won Nobel prizes.

The Discovery of Penicillin is a a small simulation-style game where you play the role of William, a house keeper who just happens to be working for all three scientists credited with the penicillin discovery. Click on everything and you can figure out how William can help the scientists to their Nobel prize-winning discovery!

In the chemistry section is a little tutorial and game on chirality of molecules, led by two snails. It’s not very exciting, but the snails make good teachers (at least they don’t go too fast!)

There are quite a few other games on the site.
In fact, the rest of the Nobel Prize website is worth a visit as well. There’s an article from John Polanyi: “On Being a Scientist”, Albert Einstein’s Nobel lecture, and the excerpt from Alfred Nobel’s will that gave us the Nobel Prizes:

“The whole of my remaining realizable estate shall be dealt with in the following way: the capital, invested in safe securities by my executors, shall constitute a fund, the interest on which shall be annually distributed in the form of prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind. “

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