Science of Cooking

The Science of Cooking on the Exploratorium website is all about the science behind the things you eat. It not only gives good “daily life” examples for general concepts of chemistry, such as as the Maillard Reaction, but is also informative for people who love cooking and just want to know how it works. What happens when you bake bread, for example?
The site tabs lead to five different types of food to learn about: meat, eggs, bread, pickles, seasoning, and candy. Pickles get their own category because they’re all about salt and food conservation, and candy gets its own because it’s the most important food group! (And because it explains the science of sugar.)

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  1. Ice Queen says:

    Thanks! I just finished reading a book that referenced science and cooking, and I wanted to learn more. But I’m too cheap to buy that book “What Einstein Told His Cook”.

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