Bread Science

breadbook1.jpegBread Science: the Chemistry and Craft of Making Bread is a book with practical tips on baking, but it also explores the science behind bread. The author, Emily Buehler, has a PhD in chemistry from UNC Chapel Hill. After graduating, she started baking bread at Weaver Street Market in Carrboro. (I shopped there the day after the Science Blogging conference. It’s a small world…)

“In 2002, at the request of community members, Emily and a fellow baker began teaching Beginning Artisan Bread-Making classes through Weaver Street Market and the Carrboro Artscenter. (…)
Emily’s search for the details of bread-making science began when she wrote the manual for her class. Unable to find a good source, she pulled bits and pieces together from various places–biology textbooks, notes in recipe books, high-tech books on commercial baking, newsletters of the Bread Baker’s Guild of America, and a few scientific journal articles. A more thorough search confirmed her belief that a comprehensive, understandable bread science book was needed.”

The book is for sale online, or in some specialized independent bookstores in North Carolina, Knoxville (Tennessee), New York City, and Toronto. Large excerpts from the book are also available on the site.

The book explains about starch, sugar, fermentation, and other biochemical concepts involved in baking bread.