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About blog awards and winning blogger trivia buffs

by Eva Amsen

My incoming links told me that I’m one of the finalists in the science/tech category for the Canadian Blog Awards. I have to say right away that list is a bit random, probably just reflecting who knew about their nomination (and the nominations themselves were only very few in this category to begin with, lacking some big names). I can tell, because there is no good reason why I should make the finalists but the far superior The World’s Fair, which was also nominated and writes about the same type of random pop/art science stuff I do but for a bigger audience, did not make it to the next round.

That aside, it is still nice to see my (blog’s) name up there, and I’m glad I’m not the only science blog among tech blogs (always a risk when the two are combined): Climate Audit is a science blog about climate science, and there is even a health blog in this category in the form of Weighty Matters.

And despite my moaning about the seeming randomness of the nominations and the non-reflective finalists, I do want to thank Saskboy for pulling this year’s Canadian Blog Awards. He blogs at about a gazillion blogs himself, and he was one of the 36 bloggers on last weekend’s blogger team at “Test The Nation”, a trivia quiz about the 21st century on national television, where bloggers were pitted against flight crew, chefs, cab drivers, backpackers, and celebrity lookalikes. Needless to say, the bloggers won. My Toronto friends Rannie, John and Frank were also on the winning team. The majority of people seemed to fear the cab drivers as their biggest competition, but I predicted that PhD-holding cabbies would be less of a threat in a trivia quiz than backpackers and I was right: the cabbies were last and the backpackers were second.

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