Scientist desks

This is a video from Imagine Science Films, showing scientists and their desks.

Portrait Of A Scientist – Scientist and Their Desks from Imagine Science Films on Vimeo.

And this is my desk in our old lab:

If you click the picture, it takes you to its page on Flickr, where everything in the photo is labeled! If you find the label that says “this box will last me a life time”, note that more than three years have passed since I took that picture and the box is still not empty.

(I have a picture somewhere of the desk I’ve used for the past few years, when I finally had a separate desk that was not just a part of my half-a-lab-bench, but I don’t know where it is. On my cell phone, maybe.)

SEED Magazine also has a recurring feature about scientists’ desks and benches. here is one in video form, but the magazine always has pictures.