Musicians and scientists

One of my first posts on this blog was about people who are both scientists and musicians. Lately, I have been quiet on the scientist/musician front, but only because I had a much, much bigger plan. I’ve been thinking for a long time about making a documentary about people who are both scientists and musicians, and I’ve been holding on to all the information I found as part of my research. I talked to several people with science or music backgrounds to figure out where to start, and I took some documentary filmmaking workshops. I had to suppress most of my ideas, because I was finishing up my PhD. I successfully defended my thesis a few weeks ago, and in January I will start a temporary job related to undergraduate education. Unlike lab work, that will not take me all my waking hours, so I have time to work on other projects, and can finally start the research interviewing stage of the documentary process. There is a blog on which I will post updates about the documentary or other scientist/musician related links of interest. The easternblot blog and the Nature Network blog will basically continue as it was, but maybe I will actually have time to update those more now that I’m no longer in the lab!