Etsy Wednesday – DNA pendant

I like this one because it’s so subtle. Everyone recognizes molecular structures and Periodic Tables and drawings of cells or anatomical structures as “science”, even without knowing what it means, but to see the DNA in this you have to have seen gel electrophoresis enough times to recognize it. The majority of the people you meet outside of your lab will just think that you’re wearing a “transparent stripy” pendant. Oh, how wrong they are!
Well, I suppose, in a way they’re right, because this isn’t a real piece of agarose gel, but use your imagination!

9 thoughts on “Etsy Wednesday – DNA pendant”

  1. Heather Etchevers says:

    I could be interested in that one. People accuse us scientists of being elitist but I think a little cognoscenti feel would be nice for once, instead of denying it constantly to people who don’t believe me anyhow.

  2. Richard P. Grant says:

    Again, what’s wrong with being elitist if you’ve earned it?

  3. vishal kalel says:

    for long time I have bookmarked the website Made With Molecules. Raven Hanna has PhD in Molecular Biophysics from Yale, Post-doc from UC Berkeley and above all The conviction in her idea that “If you aren’t happy with the career options, make your own. It can work!”.
    She started the company which makes jewellery inspired from molecules ranging from hormones like serotonin to DNA bases..
    (iExplore – Here is Raven’s brief Bio on Etsy website)
    [commented slightly edited on Vishal’s request]

  4. Heather Etchevers says:

    One of the points made by Luigi “over here”:

  5. Lou Woodley says:

    Nice link, Vishal. I think the red wine one looks very elegant and the dopamine one looks a bit like a cartoon caterpillar crossed with a sperm!

  6. Ian Brooks says:

    That’s excellent Eva! Sometimes (just sometimes) I wish guys got more chances to show off and wear jewelry…instead of just plain earings and stuff (or tattoos…)

  7. Eva Amsen says:

    If you throw this on a leather strap instead of the silver necklace it’s on, I don’t think it would look too weird on a guy.

  8. Cath Ennis says:

    That would totally work – on the right guy. Some look much better in jewelry (and nail polish, makeup etc) than others.
    Or you could always turn it into a tie pin or something.
    I once saw Billy Connolly do a bit about jewelry on a man being an “arsehole detector” – the biggest idiot in a room will feel compelled to comment on it, and then you know exactly who to avoid talking to for the rest of the event. He said that he often wears a brooch for that exact reason.

  9. Kris Hite says:

    That looks like a polyacrylamide gel. If it were agarose we’d need UV-illumination to see the bands.
    I liked the resveratrol necklace the best at the “made with molecules” link. Reminds me of the concord vineyards all over Western New York.
    I want a bracelet with a glowing set of DNA bands.
    A band of bands – OK, that was cheesy

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