What I’ve been up to

Quiet here? That’s because I tend to take on too many projects and never actually get a chance to share them. Here’s a quick snapshot of what I did in the past three months or so:

My 2012 resolution was to create something each week. We’re seven weeks in, and still going strong.

Week 1 creation - Owl

I finished the BBC introductory Spanish course “Mi Vida Loca“. (It’s free and fun!) I can understand very basic Spanish now. I just felt like learning something.

Continuing the theme of learning new languages, I’m also doing Codeyear, which involves learning Javascript. This past weekend, I made my very first programme, which translates short bit of DNA to protein. Again, just because I felt like learning something new.

A while ago I created a Tumblr that automatically imports Tweets and Flickr photos tagged with YLSNED, for You Learn Something New Every Day. I keep forgetting to tag things myself, but once in a while, a stranger will use the YLSNED tag and I’m reminded via RSS feed that the page exists. Whoops!

In the weeks leading up to Christmas I had the most unoriginal idea ever: a science advent calendar. There were nearly as many science advent calendars online as there were days to count down. Mine was the only one that was both science AND Christmas-themed, though!

I have a Pinterest, which I’m not so good at using yet. I get that the idea is “clip the pretty things you see”, but I get too obsessed with details, and then go looking for a particular thing I once saw online, and spend too much time searching the whole rest of the internet rather than just passively browsing Pinterest. Although I must say it was a pretty useful site when I needed to figure out how to draw a cupcake. (That’s my “pictures of cupcakes” board to the left.)

I’ve also joined This Is My Jam. If you’re a fan of mixtapes or of sharing music videos on Facebook, you’ll like it too. It’s in beta now, and open to anyone, but I was there before it was cool. 😉

I’ve given a few talks about science and music over Christmas break, in London and Amersfoort (Holland), and am starting to get more organised with ideas for that project.

But my main current side project is SciBarCamb, which is happening again this year. That’s going to keep me busy until April.


And that is why I haven’t had time to update this site.