This is a bag of Milky candy. I bought it at the Korean/Japanese store around the corner.

Earlier this month, I bought a bag of Milky at a train station on my first day in Tokyo. I had never seen it before then, and only bought it because the packaging looked interesting. All the candy in Japan looked unfamiliar, so I really had nothing else to go by than the picture on the bag.

After that, I saw the Milky mascot everywhere. Billboards, buses, other products. It seemed to be a popular brand.

And today I saw it again, in Cambridge, just ten minutes from my house.

But I’ve been in the Korean/Japanese store in my neighbourhood before, and now I wonder if I maybe saw the bags of Milky the last time I waited in line at the counter. Maybe I didn’t pick the bag because it looked cool, but because I recognized it.

Advertising is interesting. And Milky is delicious.