The Network Formerly Known As Nature Network

As of yesterday, most of the Nature Network blogs have moved to SciLogs, where Khalil Cassimally is their new community manager. I’ve known about this for a while, and having to move was the final motivation for me to get organized and put all my stuff (back) on Bob didn’t move with the rest either, but I can’t find his new location, even though I know where he went. (Um, Bob? Where’s your blog?)
Redirects on the old blogs should point to the new ones. Mine isn’t working (yet), but I don’t know if that’s because I moved several weeks before everyone else or because I’m not on SciLogs, but if you’re reading this you clearly found me.

If you stopped reading Nature Network blogs because of technical issues (navigation, commenting, utter confusion) then this would be the time to visit Almost all the blogs are now there, and it’s much easier to find them. You can scroll through the bios in the sidebar and be amazed and surprised at all the people you forgot had a Nature Network blog. Look, it even got Jim and Anne-Marie to update their blogs again! Read their blogs – they’re great! Paige’s From The Lab Bench blog also moved. That was the only NN blog I recently managed to keep up with, because she’s been very active on Twitter as well.

All new blogs run on WordPress (as does this one, and the Node, PLoS PLOS blogs, all of Occam’s Typewriter, the entire Awl network and probably 99.999999% of other blogs), so congratulations, everyone, on NO MORE MT4!

A few years ago, when Nature Network blogs ran on their own proprietary platform and nothing worked the way we wanted to, we were looking forward to moving to Movable Type – the platform used by Scienceblogs at the time. Everything would be better once we had MT4! A lot of the jokes about it are now archived on easternblot. See them here or here. It became a beacon of hope. But when we moved in 2010, it quickly became apparent that things still didn’t work very well, and there were a lot of new problems. I don’t know what it looks like behind the scenes anymore, but from this side the move to SciLogs does look like it has solved most navigational problems already.

Now to update my feeds…

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  1. Bob O'H says:

    It can now be revealed, I’ve jumped ship to Occam’s Typewriter. The Beast deigned to make the move too.

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