2012 in pictures

My entire year, summarized in pictures found on my iPhone.


I learned Spanish. Never used it, but I can read Spanish a bit now, so that’s useful.


It snowed! It was gone after a day or so, but it was AWESOME. I miss snow.


I went to Chicago, where I saw two amazing things:

Train station platforms in Chicago have snuggle buttons (although that’s probably not what they’re called) that you can push to switch on a heat lamp. 🙂

There was an Obama-themed quilt display at the Black History Museum in Chicago, and one of the quilts was the craziest quilt I have EVER seen. It’s Obama as Jesus, holding an emaciated baby, and Lincoln is there, and Martin Luther King, and also there’s blood dripping from the flag. Nightmares! Quick, let’s look at some other pictures from this year.


I saw the Mountain Goats!

Organised and survived another successful SciBarCamb. (Note Lou using her phone: another familiar sight of 2012! I actually have multiple photos, from different events throughout the year, where she’s playing with her phone.)


There was a “drought” in England. This is what an English drought looks like. The river bank is normally somewhere in the middle of that body of water.

Cat picture! I have lots of cat photos on my phone, but this is easily the most awesome one.

My sister and I laughed much too loudly about this Van Gogh toy (“my ear comes off!”) at the Kroller Muller Museum in Holland.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.



Suddenly there was a milk festival outside the conference venue in Yokohama.


I finally got to walk the High Line in New York!

Oh, hey, more cows! My commute in Cambridge. Cycling through cow paddies twice a day.

I volunteered at You Me Bum Bum Train, and was sworn to secrecy for several months to keep the theatre experience a surprise. I played in three of the performances.


I went to the Olympics! Watched two of the synchronized swimming events.

Watching hockey in the Holland Heineken House.

There was a maze made out of books in London.


I’m in a book!

I went to a conference in Nice. I know, my life is hard.


San Francisco!


I was in the US a few weeks before the election. Squishy Cow had lots of travel photos taken again.

I dropped by my old lab in Toronto, where they still have all my binders. I left four years ago.

My old neighbourhood in Toronto.


I saw a Stradivarius from 1717

The Story Collider before SpotOn London.

Jonathan made cupcakes for SpotOn London, and that was the only thing I took pictures of, because there were enough other photographers around.

I gave a talk at Ignite London!

I made an advent calendar at work, which ended up being a lot more work than I anticipated.

Visited the Guardian offices for a science writing masterclass, but the more important thing that day turned out to be the job interview I had right before that (not at the Guardian).


Recorded a video for Doctor Who Fan Orchestra.

Ben Folds Five!

Zeitgeisty (for me) picture: Watched a lot of Twin Peaks on iPad while making cranberry sauce for the family, who all came to visit me for Christmas.