I may need a media diet

My vague resolution for 2013 was to keep track of what I consume in terms of media. After two weeks, it’s already impossible. I clicked a gazillion Twitter links, watched half of YouTube and Netflix, listened to hours of music, and often don’t even realize that I’m reading or watching or listening to something. I only read one third of a book this entire year, but I mostly read on trains, buses and planes and I haven’t been on any this year.

One the one hand, I wanted to keep track because I felt it was too much, and too unstructured, and that I wasn’t creating enough myself.

Well, clearly. I didn’t even keep track of everything form the past few days. It’s too much.

On the other hand, I wanted to keep track so that I could share some of the cool things I’d read or seen or heard, so I can’t just give up taking notes. I think I’ll do a summary at the end of each month. That will steer me away from “news of the day”-type things that we’ve all seen on Twitter anyway, and more towards the stuff that will actually still be interesting a few weeks later.

It will also force me to finish my book before the end of the month.