Travelling, catching up

I’m in Newcastle at the moment. Tomorrow I’m speaking and exhibiting at a conference for postgraduate students. I came here on a train from Edinburgh, where I spoke on Friday as part of Open Access Week. That same week I had also been in Sheffield and Zurich, and the week before I gave a talk in London, and before that I was at a workshop in San Francisco and I was also in Bristol not too long ago. It has generally been crazy with talks and travel for a while now, and it will stay like this for another few weeks.

All of the talks have been about F1000Research. A large part of my job involves going out to institutes and conferences to¬† talk to people about the journal, and there have been a lot of those opportunities recently, which is why I’ve been so busy.

Travelling is interesting and necessary, and I generally like it, but I haven’t had time to properly reflect on anything for months now. I haven’t even had time to do all the work I need to do, because for some things I just need to sit at my desk for a prolonged period of time, and that hasn’t happened lately.

This weekend I stayed in Edinburgh, because that’s much closer to Newcastle than London is and going back on Saturday and then up North again on Sunday would have been silly. That gave me a chance to explore Edinburgh a bit. I’d never been before, but it was on my list of cities I’d been meaning to visit, so that was convenient. I loved it! There were lots of little side streets and lots of places to sit and just have a coffee, which is what I spent a large chunk of the weekend doing. As a result, I’m now finally catching up a bit on this blog. I’ve scheduled three blog posts for the next ten days or so. Two overdue book reviews, and some thoughts from TEDxAlbertopolis.

Feeling slightly less stressed now that those things (and several of my talks) are off my plate, but I still have some much bigger side projects waiting for me to find even more of my spare time back. I still have four conferences/workshops until end of November, and who knows what will pop up in December, but it is slowly winding down a bit for the next few weeks at least.