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From Science to SciComm workbook and career guide

by Eva Amsen

From Science to SciComm - A career guide and workbook for PhD students and postdocsDo you remember the blog posts about various stages of moving from research to a career in science communication? These now form the core of a 50-page workbook, From Science to SciComm . All content has been edited and updated, with new sections and links added. The biggest addition are the seven exercises that take up half of the book! One of them is the transferable skills worksheet which some of you already have. The other six are entirely new.

A few people proofread an earlier draft of the workbook, and their feedback greatly improved the final version. Thanks to Jeff Atkins, Bethany Brookshire, Shelley Edmunds, Cath Ennis and Lou Woodley for their time. In addition, several of the suggestions  in chapter 2, for places to practice SciComm, came from people on Twitter.

The full contents of the From Science to SciComm workbook

  • Chapter 1 – Writing tips for researchers interested in science communication
  • Chapter 2 – Finding science communication opportunities as a researcher
  • Chapter 3 – Freelance science communication work
  • Chapter 4 – Finding science communication jobs
  • Exercise 1 – From research paper to news article
  • Exercise 2 – Write your own science news article
  • Exercise 3 – What’s your SciComm style?
  • Exercise 4 – Tracking your science communication activities
  • Exercise 5 – Pitch perfect
  • Exercise 6 – Transferable skills
  • Exercise 7 – Your SciComm CV

From Science to SciComm is available as a digital download.It’s a PDF file, to make the worksheets easy to print out and use on their own. If you’re subscribed to the monthly picks newsletter, you will get a code for 40% off in this month’s newsletter*, bringing the price down from $5 to $3.

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