Musisci Quarterly

Off the back of the musisci survey, I also started a newsletter. It only comes out four times per year, but it will be worth it! You can see issue 1 here, and subscribe here (or in the sidebar to the right of this post) to receive future issues. Issue…


Musicians and scientists survey results

Recently, I asked people to tell me how much music and science played a role in their lives, by answering a few survey questions. A total of 763 people* answered the survey, and the results are interesting! The short version: 256 participants were both scientists and musicians. 130 were only…


This cake contains theobromine

A few weeks ago it was my turn again to bring cake to work. Two years ago I made a DNA cake, last year I made a dinosaur cake, and this year I made theobromine cake! Theobromine is found in chocolate, and is chemically related to caffeine. The difference is…

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Science and Music survey closes soon!

It’s the final days of the survey about science and music. If you haven’t yet taken it, you can do so here. If you want to know what one lucky survey participant can win, check here. (It’s so much stuff!) When you diligently click your way through the questions, there…


Book review: Ontspoorde Wetenschap

On the tube in London, I pulled the book Ontspoorde Wetenschap out of my bag, to commiserate to my travel companion that I was reading this very interesting Dutch book about research fraud, but had nobody to discuss it with because it was in Dutch and nobody else in London…


Science books on T-shirts and bags!

Litographs is a company that sells T-shirts, tote bags, and posters based on books in the public domain. Each print has an image related to the story, and the “pixels” of the image are formed by letters in the original text. If you look close enough, you can read them!…


Spontaneous Paleontology

The Art Assignment is a YouTube show on PBS Digital Studios, hosted by Sarah Urist Green, which features a different artist each episode. The artists show how they work, and challenge viewers to carry out a specific art assignment. I’ve been following The Art Assignment ever since it launched, but…

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Cards Against Humanity Science Expansion Pack

Cards Against Humanity released a science expansion pack recently. Being a fan of science and owner of a Cards Against Humanity game, I obviously had to order this immediately. I justified my impulse purchase as charity, because proceeds for the expansion pack go to the Science Ambassador Scholarship – a…


Can my cat see the rotating snake optical illusion?

In 2013, Rasmus Bååth uploaded a video of a young cat responding to the rotating snake optical illusion. In this illusion, developed by Akiyoshi Kitaoka, it looks like the snakes are moving, even though it’s a static image. Later, Bååth published a scientific paper about this cat and other cats…



I finally had a chance to visit Barcelona last week, on a holiday with my family. Some photos and video below, and many more photos on Flickr.