Seven real life fantastic beasts, and where to find them

The film Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is out on DVD today, but did you know about these seven real life fantastic beasts?   Axolotl Photo by Orizatriz, via Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA Fantastic beast because: Axolotls are a type of salamander that never leave their larval stage. Most…

Why are so many scientists also musicians?

Over the last ten years I’ve interviewed several people about their adventures in music and science, and I often asked them why they thought that music was a popular activity among scientists. “Wait,” I hear you ask, “is it, though?”. Yes. Although there are not very many formal studies, all…

who writes science books

Who writes science books?

The last of the SciBookChat videos went up today! Well, I might make more in the future, but this was the end of the six I had prepared. Next year will start with a completely different video, and then there is another science/book-related one in the works, but not a…

Science books vs science papers

Why are science books more fun to read than science papers? Let’s compare an interesting passage in a book with the corresponding source material.

Eeyore, Candide and Biochemistry

What do Eeyore and Candide have to do with biochemistry? The answer lies in a question in an old biochemistry textbook.

scientists in fiction

Scientists in fiction books – SciBookChat

In today’s SciBookChat video I pick up Frankenstein again (first featured in this video) and compare him to a more modern scientist in a more recent book. How have scientists in fiction changed? There’s also a plug for LabLit, and intro music by Sam, and of course I drink tea…

The saddest cake story

Remember when I made a DNA cake that spelled “CAKE”? Shortly after that did the rounds on the internet, people spotted mistakes. The helix was turned in the wrong direction, and I had failed to stay on the same strand in the twist so the colours were wrong in every…

Science books about people

Some science books are not so much about science as they are about people. In this video I show three of these books: Geek Nation, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, and How the Hippies Saved Physics.

What kind of book is a science book? – SciBookChat

What is a science book? And what kind of books would you expect in the science section of a bookstore? This SciBookChat video explores these questions.


Busy, but organised

I haven’t done a general update in forever! I’ve been busy (but organised) lately, so this is as good a time as ever for a catch-up blog post. Here’s what I’ve been up to. TGMI website One of the main things I’ve been busy with at work is the Transforming…