MySciCareer update

If you’re following me or Lou or the general MySciCareer account on various social media, you’ll have seen that we’ve steadily been updating the site over the past year and a half with more career stories. We now have more than 60 science career stories, and continue to look for…

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Saving the world with Pandemic

This week my friends and I saved the world from epidemic outbreaks of four unnamed diseases. Not in real life, unfortunately, but at least in the board game Pandemic. In Pandemic, all players collaborate to play against the game, in an attempt to cure and treat four rapidly spreading diseases….


Martha Meets Shakespeare

Way back in December, the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra released “Martha Meets Shakespeare”, the ninth collaboration between musicians around the world performing the music of Doctor Who. I’m in this video a few times, playing alto recorder in a Tardis dress and playing violin dressed as one of the Carrionites…


DNA sculptures in London – walking tour

This summer London is host to another series of artist-decorated sculptures. After elephants, buses, and book benches, this time the theme is DNA! Join me and other local science communication folks on a walking tour on July 26. The sculptures, in support of Cancer Research UK,  will be on display…


Cell biology text books and The Beatles

When the third edition of the popular text book Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBOC) came out in 1994, the author photo on the back cover showed the six authors walking across the famous crosswalk near the Abbey Road studios in North-West London. Like many tourists who visit the spot,…

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Science and Storytelling at YouTube

London is one of six cities around the world where YouTube has a physical location open to their creators. YouTube Space London has been organising some events focused on science and storytelling this year, and last night I attended the second of these events. I went to the first event…


Science on Society6

I’ve been exploring Society6 lately, and started a Science Collection with some of my favourite science-themed art. I’ll be adding more to the collection as I find it, but I’ve also included some of my favourites below. Click any of the images for a better look, and support the artists…


Interrailing through Europe with Borodin and Mendeleev

This post first appeared on The Finch and Pea.   Long ago, in a kingdom that no longer exists, a bohemian traveller was mistaken for a fugitive revolutionary, and arrested. The traveller was Russian chemist and composer Alexander Borodin, who was on his way to Italy with his friend Dmitri…


Musisci Quarterly

Off the back of the musisci survey, I also started a newsletter. It only comes out four times per year, but it will be worth it! You can see issue 1 here, and subscribe here (or in the sidebar to the right of this post) to receive future issues. Issue…


Musicians and scientists survey results

Recently, I asked people to tell me how much music and science played a role in their lives, by answering a few survey questions. A total of 763 people* answered the survey, and the results are interesting! The short version: 256 participants were both scientists and musicians. 130 were only…