What would you do with $4.1 million?

James Watson sold his Nobel Prize for $4.1 million in an auction. He “needed” money because nobody was hiring him as guest speaker anymore after he repeatedly made racist and misogynist comments. Watson is donating part of the money to universities, to go toward scientific research, and he’s keeping some…


Candy sushi science

A few weeks ago, I got completely lost in the Japanese candy kit part of YouTube. There is a company in Japan that produces kits that let you make miniature versions of food, all from edible sweet materials. YouTube is full of videos of people demonstrating the various kits. Since…


The cutest DNA

I came across these plushies recently: they’re DNA plushies, by Biochemies, and they’re the cutest DNA ever! The Biochemies site is run by Jun Axup, a biochemist in San Francisco.  Ten percent of the profits of the sales go to educational programmes or crowdfunding projects. The plushies themselves were also…


Science Online and me

On Friday I woke up to an email from Science Online, announcing that the organisation would be dissolved and the next conference cancelled. Having seen Science Online grow from the start, this made me a bit nostalgic, but I wasn’t surprised. As a community, the online science environment has changed…

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Science music playlist

For your entertainment, I have created a short YouTube playlist of some science-y songs. It includes some songs about science, and some science-themed parody covers.  Perfect for playing in the lab! I included this video of Uri Alon singing about peer review, which I recorded at the Horizons conference career…

Original photos by Jean-Pierre (lab) and Nat Ch Villa (Beyonce). See text for links.

Beyonce the Biochemist

Satire site The Onion recently launched a sister site called Clickhole. It’s a parody on Upworthy, Buzzfeed, and other such sites, but of course the content on Clickhole is all in Onion style. So, instead of quizzes like “Who’s Your Celebrity Best Friend?”, where you can figure out (based on…

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Three things I don’t like about science communication these days

THING 1 Twitter. We created a monster. On the one hand it’s an amazing medium to reach out to non-scientists and scientists alike, and a great way to meet people across the world with similar interests, and a tool I will continue to recommend for anyone going into science communication….

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A month of comments

I did it! I left blog comments all throughout July, and got a few people to join me. You can see the full list of posts and videos that I commented on in this post. My favourite thing that I commented on was this post about things that change forever…



The seventeen most Portlandia things I saw when I was in Portland earlier this month. 17. Portland time capsule idea box (also very “Parks & Rec”) 16. Keep Portland Weird 15. Community cycling center 14. Zine symposium 13. This guy on a fixie bike stapling posters to poles. 12. Carbon…


Commenting on comments

[Updated July 10] How are you all doing with blog commenting this month? The pledge is still open, with a few spots left to fill to make it “official”!  and has now reached its target number! Here’s where I have left comments. List will be updated: July 1 – New…