SciBookChat season 2: science in books

Introduction to the second season of SciBookChat: A Youtube series in which I discuss science in books (science books and other books).

How to find images for your science blog

How to find images for your science blog – Part 2

In this second installment, we look at making your own images for your science blog, or asking for permission. If all else fails, you can buy images.

How to find images for your science blog – Part 1

This is the first part of a two-part blog post on where and how to find images for (science) blogs. Includes lots of raccoon pictures as examples!

Back to school

Back to school season for grown-ups with free MOOCs and career thoughts for science graduates. With a chance to win a book about science careers!

Serious squishy cow chat

Sometimes I forget that not everyone who sees my tweets has had access to my entire back catalog of online ramblings. I did a poll a while ago and discovered that many of my Twitter followers don’t know Squishy Cow, or haven’t seen my Lego videos. Both are some of…

Book Review: The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who

The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who Simon Guerrier and Dr. Marek Kukula BBC Books, Paperback (2016)   I didn’t start watching Doctor Who until the rebooted series in 2005. I missed the original episodes because I wasn’t born until well into the era of the Fourth Doctor, and because I…

BookTubeAThon Reading List

Last year I did my first BookTubeAThon (video below) which got me back into reading and slightly more confident about recording my face on video. This year, BookTubeAThon is July 18 to 24, which conveniently overlaps with my vacation for four of the seven days, so I’ve collected a pile…

A strange time to visit the Herschel museum

The day after the Brexit referendum I visited a museum dedicated to two German immigrants, and some of England’s most prolific astronomers. Siblings William and Caroline Herschel lived in Bath during the 18th century, in New King Street. Two and a half centuries later, the street was quiet, with recycling…

Beach bodies, as rated by marine biologists

Sea nettle (2/5) Ouch! Their transparent look makes them hard to spot, but a surprise encounter with one of these beach bodies can really hurt your seaside enjoyment. Penguin (3/5) The coolest penguins are chilling on beaches in Australia, South Africa and Argentina this season. They certainly dress to impress,…

Outreach advice for Pied Piper

I don’t always get what’s happening in Silicon Valley. I mean the TV show. I certainly don’t understand what’s happening in the actual global tech hub of the same name. Silicon Valley is a comedy about a start-up company, Pied Piper, that does all the things start-up companies do. They…