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Science and the rest of life

Last week was the annual ArchWay With Words literary festival in North London. Just in its third year, it’s quite popular already, and booklovers from all over the city have attended author talks. The programming is varied, and there are talks about all kinds of books and on all kinds…

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Finding DNA sculptures in London

On Sunday, a group of friends and I set out to find the DNA sculptures that are scattered around London this summer. The weather wasn’t the best, and we started the journey in heavy rain, but it got a little bit better later. We didn’t make it to all 21…


DNA sculptures in London – walking tour

This summer London is host to another series of artist-decorated sculptures. After elephants, buses, and book benches, this time the theme is DNA! Join me and other local science communication folks on a walking tour on July 26. The sculptures, in support of Cancer Research UK,  will be on display…

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Ways of curating

If you’ve heard me talk about science unconferences, you may have noticed me refer to this quote before: “At a conference the most important things happen in the coffee break” – Hans-Ulrich Obrist It comes from a 2008 Edge interview with Hans-Ulrich Obrist, and refers to an event he organised…


Tissue Culture

Minor nitpick: it’s cell culture rather than tissue culture, but the joke still stands. (Found on Twitter through Glendon Mellow )



DNA! (Made this ages ago, but never got around to uploading a picture) The DNA strand is one continuous thing. One end goes into the chromosome. Can you find the other end?


Slice and Dice

Two medical art related things: Slice I’m in Gerstein Library at the moment, and one of Gunter Von Hagen’s Bodyworlds pieces is on display in the lobby , to advertise that there are many more of them at the Ontario Science Centre. I saw his last exhibit there when Shelley…



On the off chance that you’re going to be in Prague this weekend, make sure you don’t miss enter3 , the third international festival for arts, sciences, and technologies. In particular, you’d want to visit the performances and installations at various locations in the city. My picks: Proteic portrait by…


Art of Science

The First Annual Art of Science Competition at Princeton has put up a gallery of the winners of 2005. “This spring we asked the Princeton University community to submit imagery produced in the course of research or incorporating tools and concepts from science. (…) We selected 55 of these works…