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Ways of curating

If you’ve heard me talk about science unconferences, you may have noticed me refer to this quote before: “At a conference the most important things happen in the coffee break” – Hans-Ulrich Obrist It comes from a 2008 Edge interview with Hans-Ulrich Obrist, and refers to an event he organised…


Tissue Culture

Minor nitpick: it’s cell culture rather than tissue culture, but the joke still stands. (Found on Twitter through Glendon Mellow )



DNA! (Made this ages ago, but never got around to uploading a picture) The DNA strand is one continuous thing. One end goes into the chromosome. Can you find the other end?


Slice and Dice

Two medical art related things: Slice I’m in Gerstein Library at the moment, and one of Gunter Von Hagen’s Bodyworlds pieces is on display in the lobby , to advertise that there are many more of them at the Ontario Science Centre. I saw his last exhibit there when Shelley…



On the off chance that you’re going to be in Prague this weekend, make sure you don’t miss enter3 , the third international festival for arts, sciences, and technologies. In particular, you’d want to visit the performances and installations at various locations in the city. My picks: Proteic portrait by…