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5 short science books you can read in a day

Happy World Book Day! Maybe you’ve picked up a book for World Book Night in the UK, or participated in #ProjectReadathon, or maybe you heard about this annual emphasis on reading through another channel. Or maybe this is the first you’re hearing about World Book Day. It’s today, April 23….

bread wine chocolate

Book review: Bread, Wine, Chocolate

In Bread, Wine, Chocolate, author Simran Sethi shares stories about her relationship with certain foods, but it’s easy to relate these to your own experiences. Food is such an important part of life. So why don’t we give it more thought? That’s what this book does. The three foods from…

What kind of book is a science book? – SciBookChat

What is a science book? And what kind of books would you expect in the science section of a bookstore? This SciBookChat video explores these questions.


SciBookChat season 2: science in books

Introduction to the second season of SciBookChat: A Youtube series in which I discuss science in books (science books and other books).

Back to school

Back to school season for grown-ups with free MOOCs and career thoughts for science graduates. With a chance to win a book about science careers!

Science at ArchWay With Words

I noticed it last year as well, but this year North London literary festival ArchWay With Words has even more science-themed events! Sadly most of them overlap with evenings I’m volunteering at the You Me Bum Bum Train theatre production elsewhere in London, but I’ll try to catch at least…

Books and the image of science

[SCRIPT] I’ve been catching up on classics, and recently read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (first published in 1818) and Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, from 1962. These are two very different books. One is a horror story and the other is a non-fiction book about the effects of pesticides on the environment….

Science in Books

Project announcement: I’m preparing some videos in which I chat about science in books (both fiction and non-fiction). I’ve recorded some footage, but I don’t seem have a single minute of time left in the coming month to work on it further, so it will have to wait until later…

Paper vs Paperwhite

After the zillionth time being unable to read a book on a crowded tube because I couldn’t read while grasping onto a pole and fighting for a tiny bit of space to stand, I finally got a Kindle. I’d noticed that the Kindle-users were still able to hold their devices…

Book review: The Reputation Society

The internet is an interesting place. I can’t remember exactly what I was looking for, but a few weeks ago I was clicking around on the web and discovered that friends of mine had edited a book that was recently published. A few other people I know had written chapters,…