Please do not publish my thesis

I received a few of these emails, offering me a chance to publish my thesis (which anyone can find online for free in its entirety, if they so desire). Today I decided to reply. The email I got: Dear Eva Amsen, As stated by the University of Toronto’s electronic repository,…


Metabolic Melodies

I was cleaning out the bookmarks on my laptop, when – no, that’s not true. I was clicking on all the bookmarks, noticed that 70% are now dead links, and just left them there, when I came across “Kevin Ahern’s Wildly Popular Metabolic Melodies“. I must have bookmarked it long…


Learning to teach

If everything goes well (fingers crossed, knock on wood, and other unscientific anti-jinx methods) this is my last semester in the lab. I plan to write over the summer, and defend my thesis in the fall. After that, I want to do two things: write about science and teach science….


Molecular Origami

Molecular Origami is a PC program that makes templates for paper models of molecular structures. It’s compatible with public structure databases, for example the Protein Data Bank, and can compare the model it makes with Rasmol models (a well-known program to visualize three dimensional protein structures) The gallery has some…


Evolution vs Creationism

In 2002 the Cobb County schoolboard in Georgia (US) ordered new science books. These books, like many science books used everywhere, discussed evolution. Local parent Marjorie Rogers did not believe in evolution and started a petition to add creationism to the curriculum. After 2,300 signatures, the schoolboard added stickers to…