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Etsy Wednesday – Skinner doll

Etsy Wednesday logo

Another week, another scientifically themed product on Etsy. This one’s… different. It’s a doll of BF Skinner, with pigeons. Skinner is famous for inventing the “Skinner box”, in which animals (usually pigeons) learn the correlation between pushing a button and receiving a food reward. His other pigeon-related work involved developing a pigeon-guided missile for World War II.


Also available, from the same store: Marie Curie, Galileo, and Pavlov.

Etsy Wednesday – Valentine’s Day Cards

Etsy Wednesday logoI’ve scrutinized Etsy to find the best science-themed Valentine’s Day cards. By “scrutinize” I mean that I looked at a bunch of them, and only selected the ones that made me laugh. It turns out that I’m far more entertained by physics love jokes than by chemistry or biology ones, probably because I get too critical about the accuracy of those. Like this one, “You are the Na+ to my Cl-“, just seems to say “we don’t really need each other and are not discriminate about who we bond with” to people who know their ions. On the other hand, I know little enough about wave functions to actually find this one funny, even though it probably makes no sense to a physicist:


And another physics card:


I do like some of the biochemistry jokes as well, and actually LOL-ed at this oxytocin card. There’s been so much hype about this molecule, it deserves to be a Valentine’s Day card!


This one‘s a classic biochemistry in-joke. Oh, helicase, you’re so…assertive.


Prefer scientists over molecules? Got you covered!

Here’s Darwin, naturally selecting YOU. (His birthday is coming up as well. I wrote about Darwin and Valentines Day a few years ago.)


Of course, nothing says “You’re out of this world” like this laser-engraved wood ornament of Carl Sagan! (I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about this item, and they all came out at once in a giggle-fit. I think that’s a positive review.)


It’s only slightly too late to order any of these items in time for Valentine’s Day, but someone who really loves you won’t care that they get their card a week later. Probably. If you don’t want to risk it, you can always get the pdf version of my favourite set of science Valentine’s Day cards, and instantly download Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla, Stephen Hawking, Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing, Carl Sagan, Werner Heisenberg and Brian Cox.


(Tesla! TESLA!!! Ladies, would you PLEASE….)

Etsy Wednesday – soap flasks

Etsy Wednesday logoI know, I know. It’s nice that I brought back Etsy Wednesday, but am I ever going to blog anything else again? Yes, yes I am. In fact, I’ve been blogging every Tuesday at The Finch and Pea, and also sometimes on my work blog so I definitely did write. But lately I’ve been a bit busy offline. I’m moving to London in a couple of weeks, and I needed to find a flat. I think I finally found one, so now I can start worrying about more important things: which Etsy items would look good in my new flat?

This is fantastic, and I want this for my kitchen to match my test tube spice rack, but the shipping cost to the UK is almost as much as the flask itself, so I need to sleep on this. It’s a refillable soap dispenser made out of a conical flask, and it comes with colourful soap.


The seller, Stinkybomb Soap, sells lots of quirky soap products as well, like baby doll head or cassette tape-shaped hand soaps.

Etsy Wednesday – Coloured flasks

Hmm. You know my feelings about the stereotype of the coloured liquids in flasks, but I have to admit that these are pretty.

Each flask has a quartz crystal in water with glitter and food colouring. The science perfectionist in me wants nothing to do with this kind of nonsense, but colours! And glitter! And flasks! I’m on the fence about this, but probably only because I can’t see the shimmer of the glitter on this old laptop screen.

Etsy Wednesday – Gold Mitochondria

I don’t think I’ve ever featured the work of Michele Banks on Etsy Wednesday yet, because I was taking a little Etsy Wednesday break at the time I first found her work via the science online community. Michele makes beautiful watercolour paintings of biological structures, like this one based on mitochondria:

There’s much more in her shop, and she has some events coming up in the Washington DC area where you can see her work in person. (Listing also on the Etsy page.)

Etsy Wednesday – Party Hats


Etsy Wednesday is back! It’s a Wednesday where I feature a science-themed item from Etsy. It ran irregularly on two previous locations of the blog, and you should be able to find some in the archives. I stopped because I got to the point where I had featured all my favourites, but new things have gone up in the mean time.

What better way to celebrate the return of Etsy Wednesday than with party hats?


These science party hats are part of a full science-themed party package from Mary Had a Little Party. Life in general is a science-themed party, so you might just as well buy these and wear them all the time.