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Synesthesia and procrastination

Sometimes I put things off for too long. In December 2008, right after I defended my thesis, my friend Liesbeth e-mailed me to ask if I wanted to write about synesthesia on my blog. She had just been reading a book about it, called The Frog Who Croaked Blue , and was very excited about the topic, because she had…
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Geeky Christmas presents

I had to wait with this post until everyone received and opened their gifts, but I’ve been meaning to write about it as soon as I bought them. I gave two people incredibly geeky science gifts for Christmas this year. Last year. You know what I mean. 1. A brain cell! “Now I have two!” my sister commented when she…
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Slice and Dice

Two medical art related things: Slice I’m in Gerstein Library at the moment, and one of Gunter Von Hagen’s Bodyworlds pieces is on display in the lobby , to advertise that there are many more of them at the Ontario Science Centre. I saw his last exhibit there when Shelley came to visit a few years ago and don’t really…
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