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Saving the world with Pandemic

This week my friends and I saved the world from epidemic outbreaks of four unnamed diseases. Not in real life, unfortunately, but at least in the board game Pandemic. In Pandemic, all players collaborate to play against the game, in an attempt to cure and treat four rapidly spreading diseases….


Science wins again

I recently spent a week and a half in Toronto, after having been gone for nine months, and the city’s changed already! There’s a stretch of Bloor street that’s notorious for having new shops open every few months, and others disappearing when the rent gets too high. Just west of…


Nobel Prize Games

The Nobel Prize website has a section with games and simulations about topics that have won Nobel prizes. The Discovery of Penicillin is a a small simulation-style game where you play the role of William, a house keeper who just happens to be working for all three scientists credited with…