New shelving

I tried to count how many blogs I’ve had over the past ten years, but I lost count at nine.

This is not a blog. Not really. It’s just the front page of my relaunched site, which contains links to all the other things I have going on. Think of the website as shelving for the many virtual binders of projects I’ve started, and sometimes even finished. The best part of buying new shelving is that there’s always some space left: a new, empty, shelf to fill with binders for projects you don’t even know exist yet.

That’s what this is. Not a blog, but a new shelf.¬†And I have no obligation to anyone to fill the shelf at any particular rate or with anything in particular. It’s just nice to have some space.

Updating things

Site updates. This is going to be a portal to the three million things I have going on everywhere else. Need to find some time to update it. Meanwhile, if you need me, eva [at] does the trick.