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Are there science-themed covers of all of Lady Gaga’s songs?

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I assume you’re familiar with “Bad Project”, the cover of “Bad Romance”? You must be. It’s had millions of views. Millions! And you may also have seen the video for “Poster Face”, which debuted at last year’s Society for Neuroscience meeting: But have you come across “Chromosome” – a parody of “Telephone”? Or how about “Phosphorylated this way”, a song…
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Technical paper: home-made mocha optimization

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Abstract: I made instant mocha at work and am now writing a silly blog post about it. Introduction: In this 24-hour economy, the modern workforce has little time to consume fancy beverages, yet working adults are fueled almost exclusively by caffeinated and sweet drinks. This creates an inherent dilemma: work or coffee break? When the sourcing or preparation of delicious…
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Fewer words, more music!

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I“m too tired to write proper blog posts. Tomorrow morning I have to start work at 7:30 so that I can leave in time to make it to Geek Pop in the evening. That’s a festival of science-themed music. Tomorrow’s gig is in London, but you can attend the entire festival online right now from your own computer. (And listen…
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