Scientist-musician wins Nobel Prize

Happy to hear that Saul Perlmutter has won a Nobel Prize today! We met at SciFoo 2010 and I’ve spoken with him last year (and earlier this year, according to my email archives) about a music-in-physics course he organised. He’s also a musician himself, and plays violin. Congrats to Saul,…


Einstein’s Universe

Last week, James Dacey let me know about an interview he did for PhysicsWorld: In the first video, particle physicist Brian Foster and violinist Jack Liebeck talk about Einstein’s musical career and about a show they do together called “Einstein’s Universe”, which is a lecture interspersed with music. In the…


Olympic Physics

The Winter Olympics in Turin are in full force at the moment. Gravitational force, to be more precise. But also friction, angular momentum, and acceleration. Several winter sports events are quite literally text book examples of principles of physics. Many physics students have learned about the conservation of angular momentum…


Crocheted Hyperbolic Space

Keeping with the “crafts meet science” theme, here’s something else you can do after you’ve finished knittin DNA: crochet hyperbolic space. These are not just for fun. The hyperbolic space models are deliberately crocheted to make the difficult concept of hyperbolic space more tangible and easier to understand.