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Hoping they’ll lose Pinterest

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The people who introduced me to blogging were not scientists or academics. They were online friends I’d met through playing games. A few of them set up their first blogs in 2001, and I thought it looked fun, so I started one as well. It was on an archaic blogging platform that doesn’t exist anymore. B2? Greymatter? Whichever came first.…
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Science Offline

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This year’s Science Online London was probably my favourite so far in terms of the variety in the programme. There were sessions about communicating science using the web, but also also practical data-wrangling sessions. Something for everyone. As much as I like how Science Online brings together various groups of people who each use the web in their own way…
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My friends moved away, but I have their new addresses

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A bunch of my blog friends, most of whom I know from Nature Network, have left this place and started their own indie blog network, called Occam’s Typewriter They’ve just launched tonight, in typical blog fashion, with drama. They had wanted to leave a farewell post, and found themselves logged out of their blogs before being notified by Nature Network…
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Sci Foo – blogging session

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I’m not home yet, and currently at another conference, but here’s a summary of the blogging session I was in at Sci Foo, interspersed with my post-session comments. John Dupuis , of ScienceBlogs, gathered together a group of bloggers among the Sci Foo attendees, all from different science blog networks, to talk about the joys and sorrows of blogging on…
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Everybody’s blogging about blogging

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…and I’m not blogging at all, it seems! I’m busy. Really busy. On Friday I’m flying to San Francisco for SciFoo. There I have already agreed to take part in several sessions. I committed to a five minute talk about a topic I still need to interview two or three people for between now and tomorrow afternoon, and then spend…
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I went to BarCamb this weekend. It’s BarCamp, in Cambridge, hence the name. Attilla Csordas (who also lives in Cambridge now, in case you’re trying to keep up with the physical locations of online science folks) mentioned that there were fewer scientists than he had expected. That’s because the first BarCamb, organized a few years ago by Matt Wood (who…
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Blogging panel video

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Here is the short YouTube version of the blogging panel I was on in September, at Columbia. The full (loooong) version is also online elsewhere . I haven’t actually watched this video, because I didn’t want to watch and hear myself. But most of you are not me, so you can probably watch this without cringing.
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Who’s that girl?

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If you want to know what I’ve been up to, you can read Bora’s blog, because he interviewed me. I talk about what I’m (not) doing now, what I want to do, how I’m a neurotic traveler, my thoughts about the internet and scientists, and how SciBarCamp is clearly way more awesome than ScienceOnline, pretty much. Also, there is a…
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From the Vault – The FriendFeed Attitude

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In February I wrote a blog post about FriendFeed, explaining why I thought it was not as wonderful as everyone many ten people say it is. I didn’t post it, because it made me angry all over again about the “OMG, best tool for science communication, EVER”-attitude. I didn’t want to unleash my frustration on the world, so I let…
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Scientists and Web 2.0

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A couple of weeks ago I went to Washington D.C. to talk about scientists and the internet at the Allen Press seminar. I shared the session slot with Andrea Powell of CABI and Will Fisher of ASHA. They told the audience about the web 2.0 tools they had implemented, and I talked about how web 2.0 tools are received among…
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