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Dancing scientists cure cancer

Canadian scientists are curing cancer by dancing. Well, they’re trying, at least.
Researchers of the Goodman Cancer Research Centre at McGill University in Montreal have made a YouTube video of them dancing in their labs to “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz. Their sponsor, Medicom, is donating money to their research institute based on how many views their YouTube video gets.

If charity is not enough motivation to watch it, you’re going to at least want to see the three gentlemen throw their hands in the air at 1:46. (With help of the credits at the end, I figured out that one of them is Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Laureate Phil Gold and another is former Dean of McGill’s Faculty of Medicine Richard Levin – but who’s the third?)
Montreal has a tradition of academic music videos on YouTube. Students from the city’s other university, UQAM, were responsible for the I’ve got a feeling lipdub, which has had over nine million views to date.

Are there science-themed covers of all of Lady Gaga’s songs?

I assume you’re familiar with “Bad Project”, the cover of “Bad Romance”? You must be. It’s had millions of views. Millions!

And you may also have seen the video for “Poster Face”, which debuted at last year’s Society for Neuroscience meeting:

But have you come across “Chromosome” – a parody of “Telephone”?

Or how about “Phosphorylated this way”, a song inspired by a JCB paper on cyclin-depent kinases, and set to the tune of “Born this way”?

What’s next, I wondered. Has someone covered “Alejandro” and made it about “Avogadro” yet? Yes, that has been done. There are two videos on YouTube with that theme, and both are kind of terrible, so you can look for them yourself if you really want to see them. However, I could not find “Paparazzi” covered to make it about Okazaki fragments, so that route is still open. In fact, I couldn’t find any science-themed Paparazzi covers, which seems unlikely, considering there are about a gazillion different lab-related covers of “Bad Romance”.
Hm. So it appears the answer is no – there are NOT science-themes covers of ALL of Lady Gaga’s songs. But we’re nearly there…

Fewer words, more music!

I“m too tired to write proper blog posts. Tomorrow morning I have to start work at 7:30 so that I can leave in time to make it to Geek Pop in the evening. That’s a festival of science-themed music. Tomorrow’s gig is in London, but you can attend the entire festival online right now from your own computer. (And listen to me interviewing the organizer here if you haven’t already.
Speaking of science and music, I also found this online. It’s a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”, done in a lab and with the words changed to things about gloves and other science things. It’s still just as abstract as the original, so I can’t really describe it very well:

I hate Lady Gaga but I love lab geekery and silly videos with props, so I’m kind of on the fence about this.