Books and the image of science

[SCRIPT] I’ve been catching up on classics, and recently read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (first published in 1818) and Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, from 1962. These are two very different books. One is a horror story and the other is a non-fiction book about the effects of pesticides on the environment….


Lego scientists stop motion

Like Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation, I used my time off work to make a stop motion animation. Mine’s a bit longer than his, though – but only a bit! I used iStopMotion for iPad and the Lego Research Institute (and an additional Lego chemist mini figure) to make…


Dancing scientists cure cancer

Canadian scientists are curing cancer by dancing. Well, they’re trying, at least. Researchers of the Goodman Cancer Research Centre at McGill University in Montreal have made a YouTube video of them dancing in their labs to “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz. Their sponsor, Medicom, is donating money to their research institute…


Are there science-themed covers of all of Lady Gaga’s songs?

I assume you’re familiar with “Bad Project”, the cover of “Bad Romance”? You must be. It’s had millions of views. Millions! And you may also have seen the video for “Poster Face”, which debuted at last year’s Society for Neuroscience meeting: But have you come across “Chromosome” – a parody…


Garnier Laboratoire

“But Mr. Garnier, we’re scientists! We need to change the world!” From the first episode of the new series of That Mitchell and Webb Look. It’s BBC property, so they might end up taking the clip down from YouTube, but if you’re in the UK you can watch the whole…


The Scientist interviews Johan Olsen

In the same vein as the interviews I normally do on this site, The Scientist interviewed a scientist/musician. Johan Olsen works as crystallographer at the University of Copenhagen, and is the lead singer for the Danish rock band Magtens Korridorer. Read the interview here, and watch their accompanying video:


Fewer words, more music!

I“m too tired to write proper blog posts. Tomorrow morning I have to start work at 7:30 so that I can leave in time to make it to Geek Pop in the evening. That’s a festival of science-themed music. Tomorrow’s gig is in London, but you can attend the entire…