Molecular Origami

by Eva Amsen

Molecular Origami is a PC program that makes templates for paper models of molecular structures. It’s compatible with public structure databases, for example the Protein Data Bank, and can compare the model it makes with Rasmol models (a well-known program to visualize three dimensional protein structures)
The gallery has some examples of paper models of molecules. This is a model of the active site of nitrogenase:

Paper models of molecules have been around for a while. When the chemist Van ‘t Hoff discovered the arrangement of the neighbouring atoms around a carbon atom, he sent paper models to other scientists to prove his point.

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inky circus November 29, 2005 - 9:40 AM

I love it love it love it. I am afraid, however, if I send this link to my organic chem Ph.D, puzzle-freak friend, she will never have time to speak with me again.

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