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The Fourth Dimension

by Eva Amsen

A while ago I attended a seminar where someone used the fourth dimension to calculate molecular interactions. He explained that, contrary to popular belief, the fourth dimension was not time. So what is the fourth dimension? Here is a website that explains it all using very basic drawings of Fred and Bob, who live in the second and third dimension, respectively.

2ndto3rd7 3rdto4th6

Here’s another explanation on the blog Lord of Net:

“An old story tells us how to keep our money safe from robber that exists only in two dimensions (sheet of paper): simply just put it in square safe. 2D robber won’t be able to reach it… but if another 3D cruck wanted the gold, he would simply take the gold out of the square not even touching the safe walls. On the other hand, to keep gold out of reach from 3D robber you would need a cube safebox with walls on all 6 sides…now the gold is secure.. but imagine another robber bursting from 4th dimension just to steal our gold!”

Once you understand, you can give this four dimensional Rubik’s cube a try…

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pim March 1, 2006 - 8:23 AM

I was looking for games with strange amounts of dimensions once, found the cube you mention, but also that tetris in 4 dimensions can be played as well:


I even found 1 dimensional tetris! (see my page).

Nonie Craige January 27, 2007 - 12:31 AM

I believe there is an entire society in the 4th dimension, or at least those pranksters who take our combs, keys, lipsticks, ring, all without our ever knowing it. We don’t see them or hear them, we just can’t find something one minute and a little later it appears in exactly the same place we looked to no avail earlier.

This happened to me tonight. Looking for a gold ring that I threw into a side pocket this morning. Forgot about it and when I finally went to retrieve it, it was not there. I took everything out of the pocket and pushed my fingers deep into the pocket. I felt no ring. I concentrated on the tiny corners that the ring might have fallen into and pushed into, no ring.

When I saw my friend tonight I said how sad it was that it appears that I lost the ring and went over to show her where I was looking and as soon as I placed my hand in the pocket there was the ring. I believe there is a 4th dimension and they are having a ball laughing at us everytime they do that….I wonder what else they do?

Nonie Craige, LCSW

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