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Artem Medicalis

by Eva Amsen

At Artem Medicalis, Belgian artist Pascale Pollier makes very detailed medical illustrations, of anatomical concepts, or of microscopic images. Most of her work is related to skin pigmentation, and my absolute favourite thing on there is a sculpture of a melanocyte. Melanocytes are pigment-synthesizing skin cells, and they look exactly like this (only smaller). You can even see the melanosomes (the organelles that contain the pigment) travel through the dendrites.

Artem Medicalis melanocyte

(I found it through Google images several months ago when I was looking for a melanocyte picture for a presentation. While this wasn’t exactly the kind of picture I was looking for, I thought it was awesome and bookmarked the site. Then I completely forgot about it until today, when for some reason I wondered: why did I never link that site with the melanocyte sculpture…? So here it is.)


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