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Knitted Moebius Bands by Sarah-Marie Belcastro

by Eva Amsen

Moebius bands by Sarah-Marie BelcastroIf M.C. Escher had been into knitting, he would have knitted Moebius Bands. There are instructions on the site, for those of you who want to try it at home.

These bands are knitted by mathematician Sarah-Marie Belcastro, who has many more mathematical knitting projects elsewhere on her site. On the Moebius bands, she writes:

“I only knit seamless intrinsic-twist Möbius bands. It’s very difficult to find the center circle, but knitting forces a one-half-stitch glide reflection symmetry across the central circle, so it’s not impossible. I almost always use seed stitch because it’s so simple and symmetric”




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Maria November 4, 2006 - 6:20 PM

I’ve known this moebius for long, I’m glad you’re interested in the fabulous word of knitting.

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