Biochemistry Idol

by Eva Amsen

The Biochemistry department at UofT had a challenge recently: graduate students were asked to submit a video for “Biochemistry Idol”*, promoting Biochemistry, Toronto, and/or the department in under a minute.

Some of my friends who had seen a whirling 45-second compilation video I made of a trip to Vancouver earlier this year thought I should submit something, but I’d have to find time and empty the camera’s memory card and pfffft, forget it, I have enough side projects as is.

Six more determined and focused people did submit a video, and they’re up on the Biochemistry website now. My favourite is Susan’s “Lady Scientist – Superhero” video, which was shot in my (and her) neighbourhood. It’s very funny! I was watching it with a labmate who commented: “I wonder what the other people in the coffee place thought…” to which I said “Nah, it’s Future’s, stuff like this happens all the time.”

I also really like the “Wouldn’t it be nice” video, for the simple reason that surfing through the hallways on lab carts is exactly something that you feel should be done, but nobody ever does (except in this video).

*Not to be confused with Biochemistry with the Celebrity Stars.



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