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Some science music links

by Eva Amsen

I have been thinking of making a separate page listing some connections between music and science. It would have a list of scientists who are also musicians, musicians who are also scientists, science music, and science about music. in the latter category, for example, I’d mention this conference:

Music under the microscope: the relation between biology and genetics and human music, its peculiarities and reasons. These are the main themes of the International Workshop on the Biology and Genetics of Music, to be held in Bologna, May 20 to 22, with leading scientists currently involved in researching the mysteries of music, invited to explain their recent findings to the audience.

I also recently found this guitar/music lesson, which refers to genetics in explaining music theory:

“Just like genetic scientists, we have basic units with which to build music, whether a melody, a chord or whatever. “

It doesn’t go much deeper than that, but I like that it assumes that the reader is familiar enough with genetics, yet doesn’t know about scales.

[conference info found through gnxp]
[also, insert your own quip about music theory being nothing but a theory and therefore music isn’t real.]

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