Superhero Science

by Eva Amsen

The Ontario Science Centre’s “Super Heroes Science Exhibition” closes March 25th, so if you’re in Toronto and had been meaning to learn more about superhero science, this is your last chance. I haven’t gone myself, but the exhibit was in California prior to the Toronto stop and a review of it is on SEED. The exhibit uses examples of superheroes and mutants to explain DNA (professor X), new spider silk like materials (Spider-Man), prosthetics (Dr. Octopus), or states of matter (Iceman), so if you have a comic book loving ten year old this might be a way to sneak in some science education under the veil of going to a superhero exhibit.

If you’re not in Toronto and still want to learn about superhero science, there are some more options:
The BBC has a web feature on superhero science, Jim Kakalios wrote an entire book on “The Physics of Superheroes“, but my absolute favourite comics and science reference is the Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements. Click on an element and find a comic that refers to that element. The site recommends starting with Oxygen, so you can see the variety of comics that are represented. They’re not all superheroes here!


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Sarda Sahney April 4, 2007 - 10:10 AM

I am not in Toronto, so I appreciate the links, Thanks! Sarda

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