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Renaissance people trivia quiz

by Eva Amsen

Ten famous people, all with an interest in science, but none of them famous for their involvement in science. Instead, you’ll know each of these for their contributions to music, film, literature, fine arts, or photography. Who are these Renaissance people, or what is described here?
[update: Answers 1-5, Answers 6-10]

1. Which British composer invented a “sulphuretted hydrogen machine” in his home laboratory?

2. Which fictional character holds an honorary fellowship at the Royal Society of Chemistry?

3. Which rock guitarist recently defended his PhD in astrophysics?

4. What is “Galacidalacidesoxyribonucleicacid “?

5. Which chemist described himself as a “Sunday composer”?

6. Which actress is co-author on a neuroscience paper about frontal lobe activation?

7. Who photographed several of the attendees of the 1860 meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science in Oxford?

8. Who was not allowed to present a botany paper on lichens at the Linnaean Society in 1897, and why not?

9. Which company started with chemistry experiments carried out at night in the founder’s mother’s kitchen in upstate New York?

10. Which movie director holds university degrees in both Physics and Math?

Answers will be up in one or two weeks or so (mid-November). (It’s not a contest, but I closed the comments to make it more fun for others to guess.)

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