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Share your SciBarCamp ideas

by Eva Amsen

SciBarCamp is in less than a month! Here are some SciBarCamp ideas and suggestions for participation.

For those of you not attending:

– blog posts or Flickr photos or other things about SciBarCamp will be tagged “SciBarCamp” so you can easily find information about SciBarCamp both before and after the event and follow along on Technorati.
– As of today, 87 91 people have signed up, which means there is still space. We have scientists, bloggers, artists, students, outreach people, writers, computer programmers, business people and others attending, so you’ll probably fit in as long as you like discussing science.

For those of you who are attending:

– If you blog about SciBarCamp, or post photos or videos afterwards, please tag them “SciBarCamp” so that people can easily find out about the weekend online.
– The SciBarCamp website is updated with a “Things To Do” page. This is a to do list for ALL participants.
– What do you want to talk about at SciBarCamp? Remember, there is no program. We (you!) decide the topics at the event, starting Friday night, but if you have something you really want to share – a project you’re working on, an issue close to your heart – you might want to start thinking about it beforehand and share your ideas on the Topics page. Two people updated it so far. I like both ideas, but then again, one of them was mine. My idea: find 4 or 5 volunteers from different backgrounds to sit on a 20 minute panel and (with audience feedback) make a list of Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Science. Since we have a wide audience, this hopefully would be a varied list. Actually, maybe we could just put up a large sheet of paper and have people write down what they think should be on the list and get back to it later. See, I am brainstorming crazy ideas. You can brainstorm too on the Topics page!

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