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In September I wrote this post about a panel discussion I attended. The event covered both a science-inspired dance project and the TV show ReGenesis. Of ReGenesis I said: “They partnered with the Ontario Genomics Institute to make sure the science on the show is as realistic and probable as possible. Every episode is also accompanied by a science fact sheet for viewers who want to know more.”

The fourth season of ReGenesis just started in Canada, and the fact sheets are back as well, with a small change: for this season the fact sheets are written by me! I was asked to do this after the OGI had found my blog after that post I made in September.
scene from Regenesis

For the first episode I wrote about extensively drug resistant tuberculosis. Episodes air weekly, so over the next couple of months you can find more fact sheets there.

The episodes also each get a piece on Science and Society, which rotates authors. This week’s piece about scientific literacy was written by Bonnie Schmidt of Let’s Talk Science. Coincidentally, I volunteer(ed) for the LTS partnership program, and just this past week I visited a group of Brownie Girl Scouts to talk about snow and ice. (I was going to blog about that, but didn’t get around to it yet.)

And this, on top of SciBarCamp and my thesis work, is why I don’t have a lot of time to write proper blog posts lately.


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Cath Ennis March 4, 2008 - 11:22 PM

What a cool job! Good for you! I still haven’t got into the show – I’m usually out that night. I might try to rent a DVD of the first series so I can figure out what’s going on…

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