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First night of SciBarCamp – photos and a quick update

by Eva Amsen

A brief update from the first night of SciBarCamp

First night of SciBarCamp

SciBarCamp, originally uploaded by davidcrow.

I’m at the pub after the first night of SciBarCamp, and not the only one online here!
I just discovered that there are already some photos on Flickr, so if you’re curious about the event but unable to attend, you can follow along here

On this first night of SciBarCamp we had everyone select topics they wanted to talk about, write it on a sheet of paper, and put it up on a board. Then everyone walked around, read the suggestions, and left comments. A lot of very interesting topics were proposed, including science and poetry, the one laptop per child project, mars rovers, science and music, and using online communication tools in science.

Tomorrow we start for real.


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