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BLAST! at HotDocs – upcoming screening

by Eva Amsen

The annual HotDocs documentary festival will be in town again next month. It’s awesome. No really, it’s very good. In the past years I’ve seen about 5-10 every festival, including Supersize Me, The Take, Helvetica, Garbage Warrior, Girls Rock!, and the unknown but amazing No. 17, and The World According to Sesame Street.

I have already made a tentative schedule for this year’s fest. It’s tentative because I don’t have time to see everything at the times it’s screening. One of the docs that was already in my schedule was BLAST!, about a scientific research team. The producers e-mailed me today to ask if I would promote it on the blog. I normally ignore these kinds of e-mails, but since I was planning to see this anyway, I will share it with you:

The story of BLAST! follows a close-knit team of international scientists lead by the filmmaker’ brother, Dr. Mark Devlin, and Toronto native and prominent research scientist at the University of Toronto, Dr. Barth Netterfield. They and their team attempt to launch a multi-million dollar telescope on a NASA high-altitude balloon – an adventure which takes them on a dramatic journey from the Arctic to the Antarctic. BLAST! was filmed on location in 7 countries on 5 continents, including at the University of Toronto campus and the barren Arctic tundra of Cambridge Bay, Victoria Island, Nunavut. Please feel free to watch the trailer for the film on our official site

The trailer is pretty cool. It has graduate students and experiments that may or may not work! Just like real life!

Students can see HotDocs daytime screening for free. I will be updating my tentative schedule with things I end up having tickets and time for, so you can see when I will be where at the fest.


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Maria March 28, 2008 - 9:09 PM

I wanna watch Garbage as well, and Stranded. But I don’t know if I’ll have time. I’m so busy at work it’s ridiculous. I’ll see what I can get tickets for, though ,and I will try to make time for at least one movie.

Maria March 28, 2008 - 9:09 PM

Ooops, I have a Gravatar, but with another email address. Sorry!

Earthship Biotecture March 28, 2008 - 8:32 PM

The Sundance Channel’s ‘the Green’ premiers Earthship Movie ‘Garbage Warrior’

Tuesday, April 1 at 9:40pm (est/pst)
Friday April 4 at 10:40am (est/pst)
Sunday April 6 at 3:40pm (est/pst)

Also available OnDemand via your local cable/satellite TV provider.


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