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Etsy Wednesday – I Am Starstuff bracelet

by Eva Amsen

Raven Hanna’s “Made With Molecules” work has been featured on the blog before, but this new bracelet on Etsy was worth mentioning:

starstuff bracelet

It spells out “I am starstuff” in amino acids, and was inspired by Carl Sagan’s statement that we are made of starstuff. The bracelet itself, and the amino acids it represents (which are part of us) are all made of starstuff. In the artist’s words:

“The atoms that make up our proteins and DNA are from the stars. And these elements have evolved to make beings like us who look up and contemplate the stars. It’s amazing how much we know and how much we can learn through observation and experiment. I love science because it tells us about our DNA and the Big Bang. I especially love science because it shows how interconnected everything is. That I and you and everything we see were once stars.”

She also makes custom jewelry using the amino acid code. You can spell anything with the letters for which there is a single letter amino acid abbreviation available (that’s everything except B, J, O, X, or Z. Certain people, who have had to memorize the amino acid alphabet, might have expected the letter U in the list of unavailable letters, but that one is available as selenocysteine.)


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Monado April 30, 2008 - 2:47 PM

This is very nice. I was most impressed with the concept that our component atoms have gone through the nuclear furnace of a sun.

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