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Science in the 21st Century conference

by Eva Amsen

I’m at the Science in the 21st Century conference at the Perimeter institute. You can listen to the recordings of the talks on PIRSA (they go up a day after the fact).

The panel discussions are not recorded, so you can’t hear the session I moderated yesterday (about science outreach). I guess it went okay, but I was running on no sleep. You know that message you get when your laptop is out of battery power, and you can still work for about 5 minutes and then it shuts down? Those last 5 minutes were the remaining energy power I used to moderate. So I’m rather happy there is no recording of me not being able to form proper sentences. (Twice I caught myself just saying a string of words that strangely did not form a sentence. We don’t need to hear that again.)

Timo Hannay is now talking about the Science 2.0 stuff that Nature does. I already know about this, so I’m blogging instead, but I’m using Nature Network, so it’s still “on topic”, right?

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1 comment

Sabine Hossenfelder September 10, 2008 - 12:48 AM

Eva, you did very well.
You were well prepared, took good care of the audience questions and were overally very charming.

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