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Mammoth! Or the slowness of science news

by Eva Amsen

Science news reporting is generally slow. Unlike sports reporting, for example, you won’t hear something until months after it happened. Today, the New York Times reports on the exciting find of a mammoth underneath a Los Angeles parking garage, but this mammoth was actually found as early as 2007.

I already heard about it when I visited the Tar Pits this summer, and saw the tusks:

Mammoth tusks

I also saw many, many crates with parking garage soil, crammed onto the small area of the Tar Pits park. Crates so full of interesting paleontological finds that it will take the pit scientists years to go through it all. Remember, this is in L.A.. The fossils came from underneath a parking garage. I tend to think of North America as a place with little history, and especially L.A. is something that is very “now” to me, which somehow makes its paleontological treasures even cooler.


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1 comment

Ben February 21, 2009 - 12:24 PM

I can’t believe it took the media over a year to report on that!

I remember wishing when I was a kid to discover some awesome T-rex fossil or something in my backyard. My parents were not happy when I started digging…

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