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Science of Watchmen – James Kakalios video

by Eva Amsen

The Watchmen movie premiers this week. I haven’t seen it yet, nor have I read the graphic novel, but I did just watch this video of James Kakalios, who was the science consultant for the movie, talk about the Science of Watchmen. Kakalios was asked for the job thanks to his book The Physics of Superheroes (previously mentioned on easternblot)

The majority of the video is devoted to discussing specific plot parts of the Watchmen, and how they relate to physics. If you’re pressed for time or not that interested in the science of Watchmen specifically, I recommend watching at least the very last bit of the video, starting at 5:39, where he talks about making physics more interesting for students by talking about superheroes.

“They always are concerned that it’s going to have no applications, no relevance. The common question is ‘When am I going to use this in my real life’. Whenever I use superheroes to illustrate physics principles, students never wonder when they’re going to use it in their real life!” – James Kakalios


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