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The Small Science Collective makes tiny zines

by Eva Amsen

Small Science Collective zineBack in January, I picked up some tiny, tiny zines at the Science Online ’09 conference. For the past three months, they have been on my coffee table, waiting for me to blog about them. They’re from the Small Science Collective, a collective of zinesters.

I got a tiny zine called “Snake Legs and Wisdom Teeth”, about useless body parts (femurs in snakes, appendices in humans, nipples on guys), and one called “How to be a Proper Host (To a Bot Fly)” about botflies. I could have sworn I also had one about stem cells, but I don’t know where that went. That’s a downside of tiny zines.

All the zines are very concise in explaining a scientific topic in just a few pages, and have pictures! You can get them all from the Small Science Collective website.




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