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pre-post-SciBarCamp-review (on distances)

by Eva Amsen

SciBarCamp was amazing!

I filed away some mental snapshots that I’ll bother you with later. Meanwhile, I only just realized that I didn’t get a chance to properly and personally say goodbye to everyone. And I also forgot to acknowledge people’s efforts to make it to SciBarCamp:

I live just a few blocks from Hart House, but some people traveled great distances to come to SciBarCamp. In fact, about 25-30% of participants came from outside of the Greater Toronto Area, and people had to book flights or long-distance trains just to come to something that’s in my neighbourhood. I think I sometimes don’t appreciate that enough… Even three of the six organizers live at least an hour away! You guys are awesome!

And then, on Saturday, even locals were affected when a torrential downpour (with a side order of hail and thunder) hit Toronto – but people still showed up! Late, in many cases, but they were there and that was fantastic.

So, thanks, everyone, for making an effort to come to SciBarCamp – I hope it was worth it!

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