SciBarCamp Toronto

by Eva Amsen

A few weeks ago we held the second SciBarCamp Toronto. This year we collaborated with Science Rendezvous, who organized SO MANY science events all through the city and in other places as well.

I am only just recovering from it, but we got some great reactions from people. Most people commented that they enjoyed the conversations and meeting so many different people at SciBarCamp. Some complained that it was too short.

SciBarCamp Toronto

Here’s a slightly outdated list of blog posts about SciBarCamp Toronto. I say “Toronto”, because there is another SciBarCamp coming up this summer in California! SciBarCamp Palo Alto still has 5 spots open as of this moment, so if you’re in that part of the US, or feel like taking a trip to the Bay area in July, sign up! I’m really jealous when I look at the list of participants (it looks like an interesting group, and a couple of my friends are going!), but there is no way I can plan in another trip. I need to save money for my actual vacation and for Science Online London in August.

One more thing about SciBarCamp in general:

a lot of people in other cities have said “I wish we had SciBarCamp here”. Well, then go and organize one. Here is some history about how SciBarCamp started (scroll down to “nerdy origins”). Also have a look at the Wikipedia page about BarCamp.

See? BarCamps are organized by whoever wants one. Just ask around to see if people would be interested in going to one if there was one, and then just find a space, call a date, and make it an event. Don’t wait for someone else to pick up the ball. Just start it, and you’ll be surprised to find how many people are interested in helping or attending.


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