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Interview with musician and scientist Princess Ojiaku

by Eva Amsen

A friend of mine once formulated (in a late night MSN session) the theory that there are two types of ideas: original ideas and good ideas. Original ideas are never good ideas, and good ideas are never original. So when I found out several months ago that someone else was also interviewing people about their combined science/music life, that only confirmed that it is indeed a good idea!

Princess OjiakuPrincess Ojiaku has been interviewing scientist-musicians in the Research Triangle area in North Carolina. She’s also a musician and scientist herself: neuroscience grad student by day, and bassist in a band by night. She plays in the band Pink Flag, where she’s known as Dork Flag. (I found the adorkable photo on their myspace page.) I asked her about science, music, and her own interview series.

Here is part of the interview:

[audio:http://easternblot.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/princess-ojiaku-interview.mp3|titles=Princess Ojiaku interview]

The gig at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham (part of a science of beer event, mentioned in the interview) is on September 16


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