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Interview with Rishi Nag

by Eva Amsen

Rishi Nag is a bioinformatician in Cambridge, as well as a charango-playing singer as/in Karmadillo. I found him through an Arabidopsis song he did for Geek Pop, and interviewed him about that for the Node, which you can read over here. I also asked some additional questions for my own science/music project, which are partly in the audio fragment below.  Listen to Rishi talking about microphones, getting signed to a record label, getting married, and playing on a barge:

[audio:http://easternblot.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/interview-rishi-nag.mp3|titles=interview Rishi Nag]

Karmadillo’s album, “Bard for Life”, should be out soon (this month? next month?) and you can listen to a single, “Noone Else”, on the site and/or buy it on iTunes.

Rishi Nag - Karmadillo


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