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Interview with Andrew Walkingshaw

by Eva Amsen

Andrew Walkingshaw now runs a startup, but he used to be a scientist/musician. He’s interesting for many reasons, but in this context particularly because the peak of his music productivity overlapped with the peak of his scientific productivity. While he was finishing his PhD, he made an entire electronica record which you can download here.

It’s the perfect kind of music for editing into other things, so I had a bit of fun editing Andrew’s interview. (I’m especially happy with the transition in the middle part. But then again, I just asked some questions and pasted a few soundfiles together – all credit goes to Andrew for both the interview answers and the music.) Have a listen:


As usual, I didn’t put up the entire interview. In one of the other sections, we were interrupted by a surprise guest from when I just started this site. My first interviewee, Victor Henning, works in the same building as Andrew (because there are only about a hundred people in London and they all know each other) and walked up while we were talking on the roof. In this bonus segment Victor and Andrew reveal why they don’t have a band made up of people from White Bear Yard – the building/location that houses their companies. (And I apologize profusely for sounding so snippy and disdainful in this fragment. I didn’t mean it to sound like that at all! Wow. Sorry. Again.)


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